Monday, October 02, 2006


Here's something celebrating literacy. My six year old is in grade one this year and is starting to learn to read in earnest. So every night is Hop on Pop night. He's also learning to read French at the same time (he's in French Immersion school).

The book here is "Momotarou", which is a classic Japanese folktale about a miraculous baby boy that pops out of a peach and all of his exploits. I have written "Momotarou" in hiragana on the cover of the book, which is on the opposite side of the book than here in the west! I have several Japanese books and I find them a bit strange to read because they're set up "backwards".

Today, I'm working on something that incorporates Shunga in a small way. If you know what that is, great! If not, it's something a little racey. Will be ready probably on wednesday.
For now, click here to bid on "Bedtime story".

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